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I ordered 3 off mixed case of 6 bottles. Arrived in good time and well-packaged, but I was very disappointed that the contents were not as advertised; the Organic Pale Ale was missing and instead 2 bottles of lager (which I'm not keen on) had been supplied instead. Worse still, the Hoppy IPA was in a can, not a bottle. I know that lots of people are happy to drink canned beer, but I'm not one of them. I would not have bought this - pretty expensive - offer if I had known about these substitutions in advance. I haven't had alcohol for nearly 4 years now, so I am not comparing conventional beers against these low alcohol ones and what I am looking for is just an interesting drink. The Traditional Pale Ale certainly achieves this - a good, full taste and no sense of anything "synthetic". I really enjoyed it. I think that they have done well with the Classic IPA and the Stout too, even though I am not too keen on the taste. But this is such a personal thing, it's really not fair to criticise; the drinks are very rounded and flavoursome and not like anything I have come across elsewhere, so they could well be very much to someone else's taste and so definitely worth a try. I'm not really a lager drinker, but so many of the low alcohol alternatives are lagers (and exclusively in France, where I spend a lot of time) that it is hard to avoid them. The Bavarian Helles is OK, certainly better than the worst of these, but for me, nothing outstanding and there is more than a subtle hint of the rather unappealing smell and taste that almost all low alcohol lagers seem to share. I did try a can of the Hoppy Pale Ale, which is exactly the kind of beer I used to enjoy, but I was underwhelmed. Perhaps it's the canning. Overall, at £2.33 for 330ml, this would have to be really good to compete with what the supermarkets have on offer (eg Marston's Low Tide at £1.30 for 500ml) and sadly, apart from the Traditional Pale Ale, which I will certainly buy again and drink occasionally, it's a long way from Nirvana for me.

Best low alcoholic beers yet.

Hoppy IPA and Stout are awesome.

Wow! Finally, a non alcoholic drink I love

I’ve been trying non-alcoholic drinks for two years, failing to find a complete replacement for my red wine habit.

Finally found it. This has the rich blend of flavours to compete with a good red wine. This doesn’t feel like a substitute: it’s great in it’s own right.

Great Trad.Ale

Tastes full and malty like the pale ales I remember from days gone by.
Not the modern hop-driven (a)PA and (i)PA.

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Not as rich as expected

I like stout, but this one tastes light and watery to me. I seem to be in the minority here.
Good that it is actually 0.0% and I was able to drink it, but won't be ordering it again.

Good beer but was delivered short

Beer is good but! Was delivered 1 beer short, which I emailed a photo with in 2 minutes of delivery. Now 10 days later still no response…. Need to learn to value customers

Great taste

I was really pleased to try this very low alcohol lager. The taste is really good - no hint of being a low alcohol lager. I will continue to drink it even after my reasons for avoiding alcohol have gone.

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Nick Harper
I Recommend the stout

This was the first time I had tried the stout. I took a chance purely on the information on the web site and an introductory offer. I ordered 2 packs thank goodness as this is great.
I will be ordering again soon

Amazing stuff!

I still can’t believe it’s alcohol free, it tastes just like a tasty lager. It’s all I’ve drunk on an evening for the past 2 weeks and will be buying more. You should do a subscription service!

Adventurous Beer Range is Like Curate's Egg

I found the Stout to taste unlike beer and much like liquid chocolate; the Bavarian Helles Lager, Organic Pale Ale, Traditional Pale Ale, and Classic IPA are all very good-tasting beers. But true to the name of the brewery, the first of the mixed case I tried - Hoppy Pale Ale - smells like bean spirit.

quite simply the best low alcohol lager in the world

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Richard Bounford
Good start

Received order in good time and now enjoying alcohol-free and gluten-free beer that tastes good.

Comes with the strength of flavour I expect from a decent beer

I have tried a few non-alcoholic beers and this comes up trumps in regards taste and body.

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
E Bondia-Marion

Great beer

Jonathan Roots
Definitely a five star rating

I am really enjoying the mixed case of beers. My favourite so far? The traditional pale ale. Mind you they are all very drinkable.

A lovely surprise

A wonderfully different beer. Beautiful in its own right.


We love the limited edition beers from Nirvana - they always hit the mark! I wasn't sure what to expect, I was kind of expecting a full hit of lemon, but the flavour was really well balanced. Felt like I was drinking a beer from a German Brauhuas! Very tasty and great to see this supporting Ukraine. Good job Nirvana!

Pleasant beer

More flavour than the original pale ale but still little depth of flavour. I did manage to drink it all though 😄


2 stars because alcohol free 0.0%
And some hoppy flavour.
No more because very bland flat flavour and I couldn’t finish it.

Amazing and beautiful.

Just the most magnificent lager I've ever had. Absolutely perfect balance of flavours, delicious.

Graham Beale
Hoppy beer

Excellent product,excellent service and delivery.Would recommend

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Steve G Smith
Nirvana Stout

I've been alcohol free for ten years now. Over the last seven years, getting to know and buy various alcohol free drinks has become a complete hobby for me. Over recent years, the world of AF brewing has evolved out of recognition. Forget the big brewers, the micro style breweries are king in this area. Nirvana are up there with the best. All of their 'beers' are top class. And I think a huge compliment is that you wouldn't know the beers are AF. Keep up the good work 👏

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Louise Heppleston
The BEST winter warmer ever.

Rich dark stout - perfect glass of comfort as the evenings start to draw in. Strong and sweet and velvety, can't believe I've found such a lovely drink. Thank you Nirvana Brewery x

0.0% AT 30% OFF!
Ric W
Your Good Health!

No need for alcohol when it tastes this good.