New improved Helles!

Are we really changing this multi-award winning beer? No, but there's so many new members of the tribe this year we thought you needed an update!

Brewed right out of the gate in 2016 this is a true Bavarian icon in every sense of the word. Crisp, clean and immaculately balanced, golden colour, pleasant biscuit notes, natural carbonation, and a nectar finish. At 66 calories per bottle and only 3.6g of sugar it's also a healthy option, but did you also realise it's isotonic? Yes, we've been brewing a beer with the legendary characteristic of Lucozade this whole time!

It's true, our Bavarian Helles will rehydrate you with every sip! Perfect if you're watching the Autumn Internationals or the World Cup but need to be sharp first thing.

Honestly though, if you wanted to drink a Lucozade you would, you're here for the beer, and this one shines. Winning it's first Great Taste Award in 2017, it doubled down in 2020, the same year it won bronze at the World Beer Awards, picked up 1st prize at the AF Beer Awards and won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Nirvana.

Basically, it's a rockstar, but don't just take our word for it...

Robin - I still can’t believe it’s alcohol free, it tastes just like a tasty lager. It’s all I’ve drunk on an evening for the past 2 weeks and will be buying more. You should do a subscription service! (we now do a subscription service)

Ed - Quite simply the best low alcohol lager in the world

Diane - I actually found myself checking the label to make sure it was alcohol free!

Nick - We drink a lot of the Helles lager because it is exactly what a lager is supposed to be (see title above). You would never know or care that it is alcohol free. The (really good) future of beer?

Douglas - I have tried a lot of low / no-alcohol beers & lagers over the last few years and can say that this is definitely the best. Served ice cold it is an excellent lager and a good substitute for those summer weekday nights when I would like a drink without the alcohol. 


About Nirvana Brewery:

We are the UK’s only No/Low alcohol dedicated brewery, one of only 16 Soil Association certified Organic breweries and the only one in London.

We believe that outstanding beer doesn’t need alcohol, that award winning flavour is not tied to abv, and that drinking with friends doesn’t have to mean a slow start the next day. 

Brewing since 2016, our beers contain no animal products, less alcohol than orange juice and are between 33 and 66 calories per bottle.

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