I learned about Dry January two years before I participated...

Another guest blog post this week, this one from Amanda, a dedicated life coach for the sober curious. Check her out on Instagram (@amandakuda), lots of genuinely inspiring little hacks and content and her blog is really worth a read!

So, I learned about Dry January two years before I participated... here's what kept me stuck for so long.

I didn't "have a problem" with alcohol

When I got sober curious several years back, there weren't resources for sobriety outside programs focused on recovery. Therefore, I saw every attempt to change my relationship with alcohol as an admission to something that felt untrue...even if it was just taking a break from alcohol for a month.

What I know now: You don't need to have a problem with alcohol for it to be a problem in your life. If you feel like alcohol is holding you back from living the life you desire, it is a problem.

I was afraid I'd be bored if I didn't drink.

...and I didn't do well with boredom. Years ago, I struggled to sit with my own thoughts. If I didn't have plans for the weekend, I'd get anxious about the possibility of boredom & the sense of sadness & loneliness that came with it.

What I know now: Boredom is an invitation to get cozy with your emotions; this builds self-esteem & emotional resilience. Back then, I didn't have the tools to sit with my emotions.so I avoided them by keeping myself busy with socializing & drinking. Today, I've cultivated the skills I need to feel comfortable being alone...I would not have had the space to do this had I kept drinking.

I was scared I'd fail.

From the time I began drinking, I don't think I'd ever gone a week without alcohol. Although I only drank on the weekends, it was a staple of my lifestyle & I didn't know if I would be able to withstand the peer pressure of a month without alcohol.

What I know now: Confidence comes from commitments you make & keep to yourself...and you can do anything you set your mind to for 30 days.

I was afraid of what was next.

Because I viewed sobriety as a punishment or an admission of defeat, I had a quiet fear of what came after Dry January.

  • Did I go back to how things were? That seemed pointless.
    Did I try to keep up with my lifestyle and work on moderation? That seemed impossible.
  • Did I keep going & see how long I could abstain?
    That seemed scary.

What I know now: The reality is, Dry January can be whatever you want it to be. Unfortunately, it's not a quick fix into a new relationship with alcohol, but - if done with intention & mindfulness - Dry January can be a springboard to a new & different relationship with alcohol...& yourself.

 🍻Cheers! 🍻

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