Fresh Beers - Heaven vs. Hell!

Fresh out of the tank and shipping now, Heaven vs Hell is finally with us. Pre-orders are shipping out first (obviously), but the team will be packing and shipping all Friday.

Heaven vs. Hell is our take on making the holiday season interesting again. Tired of pumpkin spice lattés and Christmas pudding flavoured gin? Inspired by head brewer Kath’s fondness for Saturday Morning Kitchen, we launched this on our social channels in September and received over 400 combination suggestions.


A punchy, lightly kettle soured, citrus forward beer with orange thyme to soften out the acidity and add depth to the palate. Crystal wheat and Caragold malt establish a warm amber colour while Cashmere, Citra and Simcoe hops bring balance.

A classic lager base, grainy and bready, with fire roasted jalapeños bringing a toasty warmth with a floral finish. Munich and Cara malts paired with Dana hops deliver a balanced profile and light caramel colour.


About Nirvana Brewery:

We are the UK’s only No/Low alcohol dedicated brewery, one of only 16 Soil Association certified Organic breweries and the only one in London.

We believe that outstanding beer doesn’t need alcohol, that award winning flavour is not tied to abv, and that drinking with friends doesn’t have to mean a slow start the next day. 

Brewing since 2016, our beers contain no animal products, less alcohol than orange juice and are between 33 and 66 calories per bottle.

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