Boozy work party survival guide!

Courtesy of our lovely Instagram 500daysofsober (go follow if you don't already), here's a quick party survival guide for those not drinking this festive season!

1. Wrap up, stay warm!

2. Leave when the night starts to turn. You don't have to be the last man standing. Protect your energy.

3. Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in.

4. Treat yourself to your favourite AF drinks!

5. Scope out the AF options in advance.

6. Be open about your sobriety, anxiety, and boundaries. People will surprise you with how accepting they are.

7. Have an exit plan/ reason to excuse yourself if you don't feel comfortable setting boundaries yet.

8. Don't listen to your anxiety. You are amazing and worth of being there. And even more amazing for doing it all sober.

9. And finally... Sober is not boring. Be the reason that someone realises that! 

From all of us here at Nirvana, enjoy the holiday season!

🍻Cheers! 🍻

About Nirvana Brewery:

We are the UK’s only No/Low alcohol dedicated brewery, one of only 16 Soil Association certified Organic breweries and the only one in London.

We believe that outstanding beer doesn’t need alcohol, that award winning flavour is not tied to abv, and that drinking with friends doesn’t have to mean a slow start the next day. 

Brewing since 2016, our beers contain no animal products, less alcohol than orange juice and are between 33 and 66 calories per bottle.

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