Why 'Stoptober' when you can #STARTOBER with Nirvana

October is the most contradictory months for beer drinkers. 

On one hand you have some of the large charities pushing the ‘Sober in October’ or ‘Stoptober’ message as a way of supporting a healthier lifestyle in the community and bolstering their coffers.  We positively support building healthier communities. 

On the other hand, you have Oktoberfest appearing in the German and non-German bars all around, promoting the social benefits of drinking beer, in large stein glasses, dressing up and getting together with friends.


At Nirvana Brewery we believe in being positive, so we are thinking differently and asking people to START something……start drinking our amazing beers.   As a pioneer in the brewing of no / low beers we have spent years refining our product to taste great.  We would always recommend getting together with friends, catching up, reminiscing, and drinking great alcohol-free beer – you can decide on whether dressing up is required…..😉


Our Helles lager is brewed to a traditional Bavarian recipe with Germanic Spring Barley and Noble hops, this gives amazing flavour, great nose, and fantastic mouthfeel – and that’s why it’s award winning!  It is our Oktoberfest super brew.


Switching to low / no alcohol beers will lower your calorie intake, reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming and allow you to enjoy the morning after as well as the night before.  However, we believe that our beers taste great, and that’s enough reason to #STARTOBER with Nirvana.


Nirvana Brewery Bringing Everyone Together.

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