New seasonal special Lemon Gose 0.5% from Nirvana Brewery to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine



Our new Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.5% is an easy drinking tart wheat beer modelled after the traditional sour beers of Northern Germany. 

A refreshing and rejuvenating Gose, this beer is steeped with toasted Coriander seeds, dried lemon peels and a handful of dried persian limes for a subtle complexity.  Maldon Sea Salt flakes have also been added to balance the tart lemon and lime flavours.

Supporting Ukraine

With the summer sun just around the corner we thought a bright and sunny beer was in order for our latest seasonal brew. However we know life has been far from sunny for those affected by the war in Ukraine.  Like many others we want to do what we can to support those affected by the conflict, so 10% of all proceeds from our Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.05% beer will go straight to supporting humanitarian aid.

The beer bottle design bears the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.  Graphic lemons and salt flake drops give a nod to two of the beer's distinctive ingredients.




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