This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women behind the scenes at Nirvana Brewery. Most of you know our Co-founder Becky, beer lover and businesswoman extraordinaire, but there’s more people behind the beer who make up the Nirvana family and it seemed only right to shine a light on them today.

Sue, our business powerhouse

Sue Meet the unsung hero behind the Nirvana story, Sue Kean. Mother to founder Becky, she is the woman who made our brewery possible. While husband Jim might have the passion for alcohol-free beer, Sue is the main investor who helped bring the vision to life. A highly successful career woman, she raised 6 children while smashing the glass ceiling to reach a C-level position in the insurance and investment industry, which she still works in today. She is a testament to what women can achieve in the business world, and a big inspiration to us all!

Michelle, our accounting star


Michelle first walked through our brewery doors in answer to our advert looking for someone local to take on our accounts and was an instant hit with the team. With her kind and helpful nature, Michelle is always bringing a smile to the faces of the brewery team and her skills at keeping the cashflow going and the books balanced are unparalleled. Michelle has turned her hand to many industries, and after a short career break raising her two beautiful children, she hit the ground running in her beer career when she joined the team in 2019.

Rachel, our marketing buff Rachel

Introducing our Head of Marketing, Rachel. Rachel started her marketing journey over 13 years ago in the technology world, and moved into the bubbly world of drinks after joining Nirvana in 2018. She is organised and strong minded, with a creative flair for writing. She’s a fountain of ideas: most of what you see from Nirvana comes from her, plus a lot of what you don't see. We owe her a lot of gratitude. Cheers Rachel!

While we love brewing a great tasting beer without the alcohol, it’s not the only thing that goes into running a brewery. We’re grateful to all of the women who have helped us along our journey, and also want to give a shout out to the other women who made a huge impact on Nirvana before moving on to other things – Jayro, our content queen and social media extraordinaire as well as sometime photography model, who is now pursuing her love of classical music and working with children. Vim, our business planning and number-crunching whizz and all-round lovely lady who moved on to an exciting new management role, and Lizzie, big sister to Becky and partner to Drew, who is our resident brewhouse yogi and is always available to lend a hand, from being a smiling face at events to getting stuck in with packing boxes. Thank you ladies!

Join us in raising a toast to women in beer, whether they’re getting stuck in the mash tun or helping the business run from behind their keyboard. Cheers!

2019 Nirvana team photo with our friends Vim & Jayro - back when we were allowed to hug!

Lizzie, our resident yogi



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