Best alcohol-free stout – Nirvana Brewery dark and rich stout!!

The lovely Emmie Harrison-West over at the Independent delved deep into alcohol free last week, awarding our beloved Stout ‘Best alcohol-free stout’! A huge shout out to our community on Twitter for pointing Emmie in our direction, here’s the review: 

With the term “nirvana” meaning an idyllic state of mind or place, Nirvana Brewery has created just that with its alcohol-free stout. Dark, rich and decadent, it’s all chocolate. 

First, it pours a gorgeous chocolate brown, then it’s a heady milk chocolate and inviting roasted coffee aromas on the nose, finishing with a sweet, smooth chocolate coating the tongue while you sip it. It’s one to savour as a dessert beer or for a lazy Sunday night (some people call it “Stout Sunday” after all!). 

It’s unbelievably comforting, thanks to its malty backbone, and is vegan, gluten-free and proudly AF – like all of the independent, family-run Leyton-based brewery’s beers. This is a beer to enjoy and savour in peace.


Full article here: 11 best alcohol-free beers: Low ABV tipples that are as good as the real deal.


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