5 Beer And Food Pairings

In case you don’t live in London and haven’t seen the posters, it’s National Vegetarian Week! Run by the Vegetarian Society from 14 – 20 May, National Vegetarian Week seeks to get people trying out a vegetarian diet for a week, or just generally celebrate all of the delicious veggie options out there.

As a vegan alcohol-free beer, we wanted to share some of our favourite recipes that go great with our bestseller - an ice cold Bavarian Helles Lager. Or, with our lager cooked right in.



Vegan Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Courtesy of ‘The Cook and Him’

Kicking off our list with an oldie but a goodie, we’re all familiar with sipping on a cool, refreshing beer alongside our favourite spicy dish. The great thing about Indian food is that the huge variety of spices and flavours make vegetarian curries anything but dull. We’ve chosen this Kashmiri paneer masala from The Telegraph. It requires a few unusual ingredients, but the amazing rich and spicy flavour is worth making the effort to source them.



Next up is a recipe featuring the beer baked in, from lovely site The Cook and Him. They’re bringing us a tasty vegan alternative for the classic British fish & chips. As the author of the recipe, Sam, says, before devising this she thought there’d never be something to replace the taste of salty fish, but this will satisfy all of your cravings.


Taking a leaf out of Italy’s book for this classic pairing, we’d suggest enjoying a homemade pizza with a Nirvana lager; the salty pizza brings out the best of the well-balanced malt and hops. Although mixing up your own dough might be more time-consuming than calling your local takeaway, the effort that goes into it is well worth the difference in taste. We love this recipe from Gino D’Campo. Buon Appetito!


Another cuisine that we’ve always found to complement a good lager is Thai. Although Chicken Satay is a hugely popular one, it’s also famously not vegetarian (what gave it away?). Luckily, we’ve found this tasty veggie (and vegan) friendly alternative over on Vegan Recipe Club, which uses either tofu or seitan in place of meat.


One to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst enjoying a crisp lager, Steady Drinker, recommends pairing Nirvana Lager with a pecan pie. BBC Good Food have got us covered as usual with this delicious all-American recipe. As an added bonus, they use a ready-made pastry here, saving your tired hands after all of that pizza dough kneading.

If this list doesn’t whet your whistle, you can check out loads of great veggie recipes on the National Vegetarian Week website. We’re confident that you’ll quench your thirst for a meat-free meal!

Fancy picking up a case of Bavarian Helles Lager and giving it a try?


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