6 reasons why you should try no alcohol in 2022.

Drink alcohol? Maybe you'll go booze-free for January?

There are many reasons why you should try to drink no alcohol or low alcohol in 2022. This blog provides some useful information about why you should consider sobriety for a month and how it can affect your life if you overdo it.

We all know that drinking too much is bad for your health but there are a lot of other benefits of going alcohol-free you may not know about. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 of the most important ones to your well-being.

Further to having some options for good health, you'll have some pointers for next time you are in a bar with a group of friends.

The first one is order a Nirvana Beer! Drinking Non-alcoholic beer is a great way to enjoy a drink without the ABV. We think of our beer, as a delicious drink first and a non-alcoholic beer second, giving you such a great taste that satisfies people who love their booze and nondrinkers alike.

Just because you are staying sober, shouldn't mean you stop enjoying yourself.

Reason 1 - You will get better sleep.

You might not realize it but alcohol derails your sleep patterns and makes you restless during the night, much like drinking coffee too late in the day.

This is why sleeping through the whole night without waking up becomes harder  if you are drinking too much. Further to that, the quality of your sleep is also made worse by alcohol, which is why you feel so groggy the next morning.

Non-drinkers or people who don't drink alcohol report being less tired and having more energy than regular consumers of alcoholic drinks. With 1/3 of your existence spent sleeping, this sounds pretty important.

So maybe skip stocking up on gin and other booze in the January sale and have a coffee instead, just not too close to bedtime!

Reason 2 - Your skin will get better.

Many people have noticed an improvement in their skin after they go alcohol-free. It is due to toxins accumulating in your body when you drink too much which can cause acne and aging as well.

The good news is that this will improve significantly once you stop drinking. There are also other benefits to quitting including better digestion, and looking younger for longer!


Reason 3 - You can save a lot of money by not drinking.

This may not be your main reason for quitting but you should know that the amount of money you spend on alcohol can add up pretty quickly.

If you drink a little bit every day, this can become an issue over time and it is something to consider when thinking about whether or not to quit drinking in 2022.

Still sober curious? This may tip you over the edge! Research suggests it could be up to £10,000 a year. Why not find out for yourself here at this cost of drinking calculator!

Drink Calculator

Reason 4 - You will become more productive at work and school.

No alcohol in 2022, even for just January, is good for your health and can also have a positive impact on your productivity.

Many people are more productive when they don't drink because it gives them clarity of mind, awareness, and focus which is what you need to succeed and progress at work or school.

Reason 5 - Your social life will improve.

If you stop drinking it will be much easier for you to make plans and go out with your group of friends. Many people who drink too much find that they don't want to socialize as often because of their hangover, the financial impacts, or the fact that they need a few drinks to get in the mood for going out.

When this is no longer an issue, it is much easier to spend time with friends, have a good time, and be in the moment. Not only that you are free to enjoy the nonalcoholic beers on offer and still drive home!

Reason 6 - You will be healthier.

When you stop drinking your immune system becomes stronger which means that you are less likely to get sick as often.

The best part about quitting alcohol in 2022 is that this benefit alone can improve the quality of your health and fitness and overall wellbeing.

One of the biggest benefits of quitting drinking is that you won’t have as many hangovers and miss more days from school or work because of them.

With a big discussion about mental health at the moment, now is a good time to join the non-drinking folk and try not drinking this January. Simply kick the booze for a month, have some fun with non-alcoholic alternatives and see if you see a difference in your mental health.

Research suggests when you consume alcohol-free products, for example, non-alcoholic beers or non-alcoholic spirits, you are much more likely to have a greater awareness of your health, both physical and mental.

Alcohol-free is a trend here to stay.

With one in three young people in the UK teetotal, alcohol intake is down and non-alcoholic drinks and low alcohol drinks are on the rise. In general, alcohol consumption is down in sales across all age groups in the UK.

As an alcohol-free beer company the rise of sobriety and the demand for booze-free, and low alcohol drinks by consumers in a bar, restaurant, or supermarket is great news and we fully support young people in the UK looking for no alcohol beverages with taste and at the same time fun.

Hospitality has responded.

Food and non-alcoholic wine matching? Low alcohol drinks pairings? Sugar-free beverages as standard? Catering to sobriety is becoming big business and with the hospitality business on its knees post-Covid, restaurants the world over are crafting superb experiences for the non-alcoholic tastes.

With research suggesting that the trend for sober experiences is growing amongst consumers, and with sales growing every year, no or low alcoholic options look set to grow on drinks and cocktails lists.

The New Year is the perfect time to think about what you want your 2022 to look like. If you’ve been struggling with drinking or know someone who has, this might be a good year for them to try going alcohol-free.

Sober Curious? Pick a low alcohol drinks strategy

Not drinking alcohol doesn't need to be the be-all and end-all. With so many alcohol-free beer, gin, and wine brands on the market, you have so many drinks to choose from.

Bars are stocking so many good, gluten-free, low alcohol beers that taste as good as, or better than the real thing, and non-alcoholic spirits that you can mix with the likes of tonic water or sparkling water.

Non-drinkers used to be stuck with sugar-laden soft drinks diluted with ice, and wine that was too sweet; now you can plan to have booze-free drinks that are of such high quality, they are being served in Michelin Star restaurants.

There are so many non-alcoholic beverages on the market to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, there is one for every style. If you want to find out more, check out our friends at Dry Drinker.

3 Quickfire tips to Lower your Alcohol Consumption.

There are many reasons why people choose not to drink and there isn’t an “ideal” reason that fits all drinkers. But we can say that in general, when you give up drinking, it will change how your brain operates in relation to dopamine and cravings.

You may find yourself feeling more confident at social gatherings because of the lack of self-consciousness from being sober while everyone else drinks--and maybe even have some extra money saved up too.

Our top tips for lowering your alcohol intake is:

Have a substitute in the fridge

When you want to reach for a bottle after a stressful day you have something you enjoy ready to go.

Out of sight

You don't have to get rid of your liquor cabinet, just maybe move it out of your eye line so it doesn't get your attention.


Devise a strategy for when you go out and role play in your mind how you will react when your friends offer you a drink.

Need to stock up on non Alcoholic Beer?

Of course, you do! Not drinking alcohol has never been easier with Nirvana Brewery. We have a range of non-alcoholic drinks for beer drinkers of all styles, for example, our on-trend low alcohol London Porter or our alcohol-free Bavarian Helles Lager, perfect if you like that old-world style. Or mix it up with our mixed case. Whatever your drink we have you covered!

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